Shopping Local & The Holidays (in Babylon, NY)

I photograph for quite a few small businesses throughout NY and LA. I’m a big fan of supporting local people doing their thing! Here’s a snapshot of one of my favorite shoots this year at Bubble in Babylon. They’ve created a space for both adults & kids, that is just precious.

I’ve also spent quite a few days at Noa Mar, a super cute European inspired market with a focus mainly on dishes and products of Spain. This is just a block or two away from Bubble…I possibly just helped you plan your (#smallbusiness) Saturday!

Daydreaming of Summer

When I moved to LA, I assumed that the feeling of summer ending would not be possible. How could a place that is sunny all year round, feel like September? Well, it does and I’m left daydreaming about this shoot with Bliss Street Creamery in my hometown of Queens, NY. Tavia is an incredible small business owner and ice cream maker. If you are a native or passing by New York, look up when to get a scoop, and be reminded of a time before mid September.

2017 Wrap Up

It's always difficult for me to go through my work at the end of a year. I spend so much time staring at each photo while editing, that I end up re-critiquing everything I could have done better. I'm very hard on myself ;) but at some point you just need to let images live. 

I was going to take time to put together a more cohesive collection of editorial images on here, but it seems that this is a pretty accurate depiction of my 2017 work. At the end of the day, whether its photographing Ice-T in NY or a construction company in south LA, my job is to tell the story of my subject and my client. Here's a few of my favorites this year, and below is a list of new editorial clients I took on:

  • Pedialyte 
  • Samsung
  • TGIF
  • Blue Network
  • Chelsea & Walker
  • Yona
  • BMS
  • CEO Magazine

Sending lots of love in the New Year! <3 Emily Frances

Womply, Portrait of Susie

Its been a long time since I've been asked to shoot black and white for a client. HOW I'VE MISSED IT! This is a commissioned portrait of Susie, the owner of Sewtime Sewing Machines in Queens, NY. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Susie, I knew she was an incredible, thoughtful & kind human being. Happy to call her a neighbor and now friend. 


Charc, NYC

Its been a pleasure photographing for Charc and so awesome to see the restaurant getting well deserved attention. My photos have been popping up on publications like Thrillist, Gothamist and Time Out New York. So fun! 


Hello! I am on the lookout for a second shooter/assistant for October 2017-May 2018. This person must be available at minimum 10 hours per week, and must be based in NYC. Jobs consist mostly of second shooting for corporate work and assisting for commercial work throughout the Northeast. Pay ranges from $50-$125 per hour. Must be open to travel & long hours, all of which will be compensated. Must have (1-2  years) prior experience as a paid photographer. Most importantly, must be chill. 

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X Bar Bistro, NYC

How fun! It was such a pleasure photographing Danny Brown's new spot downtown. I didn't know pears could be this pretty....

Summer Wrap Up

Phew! What a great but tiring summer for clients. Always grateful to be working with such killer people & companies. Its always nice to work with friends on shoots. Here's one of my favorite outtakes & chosen shots I did with Sharon for an up and coming bag company ;) 


Mallard Clothing

Its so funny how often I am asked to photograph women and not men. I guess once you start a portfolio, you tend to get hired for work in that same area. I was so happy to shoot for this preppy lifestyle company Mallard. We did this over 2 days in sunny Santa Monica, but the feel is so NorthEast.....I have a knack for locations ;) Their website is looking awesome. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 2.06.37 PM.png

New Work, New Portfolio

Time is a funny thing. It can be hard at times for me to see my progress as a photographer and business owner....sometimes as a human being in general. It wasn't until I decided to finally sit down and organize my work from the past two years, that I realized just how much work I've done! Updated the portfolio, and now I need more photos for it. Let's go shoot! 

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 2.34.01 AM.png

Bald Cupcake

If any of my photographer friends know anything about me, they know that I am not a fan of using flash. I've made most of my career off of using natural light but when The BaldCupcake contacted me for creating content, I knew it was time to bring in some artificial light. A little retro, a whole lot sweet--and I'm a whole lot happy to be part of their growth. 


At the end of each year as a freelancer, I try to reflect and re-evlaute where I went wrong and where I went right, before bringing on new assignments. Working with both large corporate companies and intimate one on one portrait sessions has kept this year fresh.  The only days that ran together were those spent editing. I've seen a lot of cities from the windows of public transportation and met a lot of people I would like to see again.

Thankful for those that I call my friends that have been my second shooters, makeup artists and trusty assistants. All the flights to the West Coast has brought on new sunny clients, but more importantly time to spend shooting for myself on a boulevard I've fallen in love with. You can check my about page for more specific publications from this year.

Though I have many focused goals for my photography (mostly doing a serious update on this website), there's only one worth mentioning- to just keep making photos. Cheers to 2017 and thanks to 2016 for all the lessons.