2017 Wrap Up

It's always difficult for me to go through my work at the end of a year. I spend so much time staring at each photo while editing, that I end up re-critiquing everything I could have done better. I'm very hard on myself ;) but at some point you just need to let images live. 

I was going to take time to put together a more cohesive collection of editorial images on here, but it seems that this is a pretty accurate depiction of my 2017 work. At the end of the day, whether its photographing Ice-T in NY or a construction company in south LA, my job is to tell the story of my subject and my client. Here's a few of my favorites this year, and below is a list of new editorial clients I took on:

  • Pedialyte 
  • Samsung
  • TGIF
  • Blue Network
  • Chelsea & Walker
  • Yona
  • BMS
  • CEO Magazine

Sending lots of love in the New Year! <3 Emily Frances