Bald Cupcake

If any of my photographer friends know anything about me, they know that I am not a fan of using flash. I've made most of my career off of using natural light but when The BaldCupcake contacted me for creating content, I knew it was time to bring in some artificial light. A little retro, a whole lot sweet--and I'm a whole lot happy to be part of their growth. 


At the end of each year as a freelancer, I try to reflect and re-evlaute where I went wrong and where I went right, before bringing on new assignments. Working with both large corporate companies and intimate one on one portrait sessions has kept this year fresh.  The only days that ran together were those spent editing. I've seen a lot of cities from the windows of public transportation and met a lot of people I would like to see again.

Thankful for those that I call my friends that have been my second shooters, makeup artists and trusty assistants. All the flights to the West Coast has brought on new sunny clients, but more importantly time to spend shooting for myself on a boulevard I've fallen in love with. You can check my about page for more specific publications from this year.

Though I have many focused goals for my photography (mostly doing a serious update on this website), there's only one worth mentioning- to just keep making photos. Cheers to 2017 and thanks to 2016 for all the lessons. 

Over the past few months, I've been pickier about what assignments I take on as I try to transition into more full time personal documentary projects. Saying 'no' to a lot of work that I've otherwise would have said yes to, has been proving to be easier than I thought. By taking on fewer assignments, I've been able to take more intimate portraits, something that I hope will carry into the projects I am now concentrating on. This is one of my favorite images of an editorial shoot that I said 'yes' to. Melody is starting a training program for teachers/parents/coaches to work with young women in achieving overall happiness, strength and confidence. She commissioned me to take photographs of her, and I couldn't be happier that she did. 

Tamisha, a ballerina from Trinidad who rose her way to the top in New York. I've been lucky enough to work with her as part of a personal project after being inspired by the story of Misty Copeland. 

Featured in Hayo Magazine!

So excited to be featured along with some really great artists in Hayo Magazine! If you ever wondered about what I do in Queens...go check it out. I did not reveal the best empanada place in the world, you'll have to ask me in person.

Creme de Michelle

Started working with the lovely fashion blogger Michelle. It has been such a different vibe than my usual work----which has been just what I needed. Keeps the brain fresh!